Shisha Smoking


What is Shisha Smoking?
Shisha smoking, also known as narghile,hookah,water pipe,arghile and hubble bubble smoking comes in a wide range of flavors(apple,strawberry,cola,mint etc.) and is made from natural substances. It is a unique way of smoking tobacco from a bowl using a hose or a tube. The tube has a mouthpiece through which the smoker inhales the smoke. The tobacco of shisha is covered with a foil having few small pores on it and this tobacco is heated using a few pieces of wood or charcoal to produce the smoke.

Shisha came into existence centuries ago in ancient Persia and India and now comes in various size,style and shape. Today shisha smoking has become a trendy pursuit especially among young people and is seen as an enjoyable and relaxing experience. It's rapidly becoming a first-choice leisure activity for a large number of people. Very often people get together at cafes and bars for a shisha smoking session.

What Shisha contains and what are its benefits?
Shisha contains a tobacco called nicotine which can be pretty addictive sometimes. However, the interesting fact is that shisha smoking is good for your oral health. Since it differs the way in which it is manufactured it does not blemish or discolor the teeth like cigarette smoking does. Thus, if you are looking for a whiter smile, this can be one of your ways of doing it. Apart from your oral health it gives you a fresher smell(unlike the unpleasant smell that cigarettes gives)since it is made with a combination of tobacco,sweetner and fruits.

Shisha Smoke Tricks
Shisha smoke tricks have become a hallmark of a stylish smoker and is the fantastic way to pass time and impress others. All you need to perform them is a little amount of practice. Some of these tricks include:

  • French Inhale
  • Shotgun Smoking
  • Tornado Smoke
  • Smoke Bubbles
  • and Smoke Rings

How to Smoke Shisha?
So by now you know what is shisha and all that pretty stuff, you must be wandering "how the hell people smoke it?" Therefore, we've got for you some tips and techniques:
Firstly, choose a companion for yourself as conversation enhances the pleasure and talking while smoking is simple joyful. 
The next thing is choosing a nice venue. It can be a bar or a cafe or even your own house. It all depends on you.
Now choose from among the available flavors(It can be apple,strawberry,mint or any other) and wait till the time it is being prepared
When it is all set up just enjoy the pleasure and relaxing moment of shisha smoking. (For more information check this)

Buying a Shisha/Hookah
Though it's upto you from where to buy shisha or whether to even buy it or not, if you are looking for one, we recommend the two popular and best sites:
  1. Everyonedoesit.com
  2. Grasscity.com
They've got exceptional quality, wide ranges and low prices.
Still it all depends on you. If you have got some other known and nice place, excellent, go for that. This is just a recommendation.

Marijuana is now more popular than cigarettes among teens


young people smoking marijuana
In a national health survey, 10% of high schoolers reported smoking marijuana at least once in the last 30 days.

In 1997, 21% of high schoolers said that they had smoked a cigarette or cigar on one or more days in the last 30 days. By 2013 however only 7% said that they had smoked a cigarette or cigar on one or more days in the last 30 days, representing a remarkable 64% decrease.

In 1997 only 4% of students said they had used marijuana once or more in the last 30 days. By 2013, that had climbed to a massive 10%.

The authors of the Centers for disease Control and Prevention report said this increase in use was probably at least in part because only 40% of 12th graders now think smoking marijuana regularly is harmful — roughly the same percentage as in the 1970s. Fear of marijuana seemed to peak in 1991, when 79% of 12th graders said regular use was harmful, but it's been declining ever since because its not really that harmful.

Extended massive use of marijuana has known detrimental health effects, including respiratory problems, impaired cognitive function, and the exacerbation of certain mental illnesses. But today scientific evidence is starting to support, in part, teens' changing perceptions. They are fully supporting teens for marijuana.

A certain study published earlier in this year in the journal JAMA Psychiatry found marijuana didn't cause certain regions of the brain to shrink. Research has also shown that the perception of marijuana as a "gateway drug" is largely misguided, and that it is much safer than either alcohol or cigarettes.

The CDC report,  asked anywhere from 11,000 to 13,000 students in grades 9 through 12 about their experiences using cigarettes, cigars, or marijuana.

Because the surveys are self-reported, the numbers are much lower than the actual percentage of high schoolers who smoke. They didn't even ask about hookahs or shisha pipes, either, which could also affect the usage of cannabis numbers.
teens smoke pot

 A 17-year-old from Washington state smokes marijuana from a glass bong at the opening day of the pro-marijuana rally Seattle Hempfest. Recreational marijuana use is now legal in the state of Washington.
High schoolers reports using marijuana much more than cigarettes or cigars, according to a report by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released Oct. 15